Within fmmproduction: Networking of finishing processes with detailed progress status of each shoe

While fmmproduction is tracking the uppers / shoes to the production step direct soling, the module fmmfinishing is tracking each shoe from the finishing area to their delivery.



The user can see the progress of each shoe of every single processing step within the finishing at any time in real-time and has the possibility to intervene immediately in unexpected problems.



An important function is the opportunity to optimize the shipping box automatically with the most efficient amount. This does not only reduce storage costs, but also increases the efficiency of the whole production chain and prevents additional differences in the delivery.



The module shows the actual quantity of produced shoes by the direct soling machine in real-time. In order to support the user, the module fmmfinishing has different performance reports.


Your benefits with fmmfinishing

  • Continuous tracking from the production of the uppers to the delivery of the shoes to the customer
  • Optimizing shipping boxes
  • Stock management of the shoes in real-time
  • Automatic printing of the shoe box labels
  • Automatic printing of the shipping box labels
  • Assignment of each shoe to different stocks
  • Reports for significant key figures and analyses - e.g. actual amount of produced shoes

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