Coordinating and synchronizing the materials management

fmmmaterial is a module which supports the planning of order quantities on machines / stations by a timed profile of material demand as a cloud solution.


The available inventories and open orders are offset against the material demand in real-time and the module calculates automatically a timed profile of missing material demand over months for the purchasing department.


Due to the global networking of manufacturers of uppers and shoes as well as the material supplier, a SCM system can be provided – under consideration of industry 4.0 and the processing of cloud solutions.


The module fmmmaterial fulfills the qualifications for efficient and trouble-free processes for the upper production, shoe production and the finishing:



 -          the right material

 -          in the right quantity

 -          at the right time

 -          in the right place

Your benefits with fmmmaterial

  • Automatic import of data
    • Material master
    • Bill of material
    • Stock levels
    • Open orders
  • Automatic calculation of timed profile of 
    • material demand
    • missing material demand
  • Stock management (inward / outward movement) in real-time
    • Upper storage
    • Material storage for direct soling machine
    • Material storage for finishing processes
  • No production failure due to missing material

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