Planning order quantities automatically on machines / stations 

The challenge was to replace the common method of planning order quantities on direct soling machines by a fast, flexible and economic method in order to enable the creation of a day's production plan within seconds. In comparison: a professional practiced planner needs several hours to plan order quantities via excel.


fmmplanning is a planning software solution to plan order quantities on direct soling machines automatically.


It provides features such as planning simulations on machines / stations within seconds, flexible presentations of results and the possibility to make manual modifications within the simulations.


Daily challenges such as coordinating the on-time delivery of correct shoes, missing materials or reserved stations for sample production can be managed easily within fmmplanning.


Analytical assessments and decision support for economic scenarios are enabled by selectable settings in the configuration.
Therefore, the best simulation can bechosen and fixed as a day's / week's production plan.


A clear presentation of all digitalized results allows the user to influence the level of automation and production efficiency. The aim is to optimize the value chain - from sales department through purchase department including material orders, upper production and the assembly of the finished shoes to the on-time delivery to the customer.

Your benefits with fmmplaning

What fmmplanning does

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