Networking of production processes in real-time with detailed progress status of each upper / shoe

Technology never stops. Hence, we developed an new innovative software, which enables the networking of production processes in real-time.



The base module fmmdirectsoling plans order quantities and then forwards the fixed production plan to the module fmmproduction.


fmmproduction creates production lots in real-time automatically. Furthermore, this module calculates the material usage via the parts list for each production lot in the different production stages of the production chain.


This procedure solves the problem of missing materials.


The detailed progress of each production lot within the entire production chain can be tracked at any time in real-time.


Therefore, the delivery to customers with correct quantities at the correct time is optimized.


Users of fmmproduction have the possibility of different editing functions to react to unexpected problems immediately.



By using fmmproduction companies, material suppliers and production plants can coordinate and synchronize their resources. Material orders can be generated automatically by a report. The requirements and requests of the sales department can be prioritized. Thus, the on-time delivery with the correct shoes to the customer can be optimized.

Your benefits with fmmproduction

What fmmproduction does

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